Thursday, December 13, 2012

I danced my legs down to the knees

Summer is well and truly upon us here. It's 35 degrees here today and I have drawn all of the curtains and blinds to try and keep out that baking sun. Despite this, Mr Yellow Wood and I ventured out last night to shake a tail-feather or two to The Smiths - or at least an excellent local cover band, Plagarism begins at home. It was so hot at the venue - no air-conditioning and lots of people crammed into a small room - but damn, it was fun! Good to see that even in my decrepitude (forty next year), I can still move a step or two!

This is all in the lead-up to Morrissey himself visiting our remote shores next week. I only hope that after twenty-six years of admiration I won't be disappointed and discover that the hero has feet of clay (as they say). Twenty six years! Oh my...that's older than most of the people who were there last night!

I hope it cools down soon so I can bake up a few little treats I have planned as Christmas gifts. I've also got a few other little crafty goodies on the to-do list for the weekend. I'll show you next week.

What are you doing in the lead-up to the holiday season?

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