Monday, August 16, 2010

Some days are diamonds, some days are stone

Do you ever have those days when you just don't seem to achieve much? I guess it happens to people who are self-employed a little more than people who work in offices etc. so I tend to have them now and then. It's not that I don't have things to do - I am working hard on getting some of my short stories published at the moment and also getting two online shops set up for my greeting cards and my vintage stuff - but some days (like today) just don't seem to have any 'scores on the board' when they come to a close. You feel as though you've just frittered away at the edges of things instead of really getting anywhere. There's always tomorrow, I guess. Do you have days like this?


Bodecea said...

Yes, today. It too me three tries and a drive to a shop for printer-stuff to print a single letter - first one colour was off, than the next, all ink was empty... and like this is was the whole day. Now it's 17:30 in the afternoon and I still haven't done much if the things which were planned for today, But now it's Feierabend ;-)

Diana Kennedy said...

Had that yesterday. I always feel very bad then, but I guess that it is just the way it goes? We are humans, not machines and we can't be every day as productive as we think we should.

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea & Diana -

I'm glad I'm not the only one!

@ Bodecea -

Which Feierabend is it?

@ Diana -

Yes, I think a lot of my 'I must achieve something every day' feeling comes from being self-employed, working from home and feeling I have to 'prove' myself. Bit silly really...!

DILLY said...


Best thing do, write lists.
Mayke number wun on list, "Write list."
wen finish ryting list, can cross number wun off. Alreddy dun wun thing.

Be wat Mummy do.

Dilly an Bob send Feronia parsol yestday.
Send puzzols.
Mayke speshly for!
Wen get, put way for wen hav days of not doin things.


Feronia said...

Thank you Dilly - yu be vewy sweet wagon! I love getting parsols!! :)

Pina said...

Today's day is a stone, but I hope to turn it into a diamond by this afternoon.

Sefarina said...

Solche Tage hab ich regelmässig, weil ich viel neben dem Job mache und man in der Entwicklung stets weniger "sieht" am Ende des Tages. Und es hat definitiv mit der Selbständigkeit zu tun.
Gewöhn dir diese Erwartungshaltung schnell ab, das frustriert nur ;-)

Deine tollen Grußkarten sind übrigens angekommen. Ich war total überrascht und hab mich ja so gefreut :-)

Feronia said...

@ Sefarina -

So froh, dass Sie mochte sie!

Feronia said...

I hope so too, Pina :)