Monday, September 30, 2013


I have had some lovely op-shop finds op-shop in particular seems to be yielding some real goodies. I found this sweet little set of Irish, hand-embroidered linen, still attached to its packaging, with this beautiful wee inscription on the back...

A wonderful old book, The Modern Woman's Home Doctor, full of all sorts of information and illustrations from - I'm guessing - the 30s or 40s (given that there is information on air-raid-proofing your home... The book was a dollar. Strange, strange pricing in op-shops sometimes.

And a bag of theatre programmes from 1950s Melbourne. Most hardly touched. I suspect the owner worked for one of the theatres, because there are multiple copies of some. The price for the bag? Two dollars.


librarygirl said...

What a lovely lot of treasures!

Max said...

I never tire of finding old linens-these are such a pretty colour. And those theatre programmes-they just don't make them as prettily as they used to do they. So good to find properly old things, not just modern cast offs x

Feronia said...

@ librarygirl -

I have had a bit of a bumper crop of late! :)

@ Max -

Yes, it's this kind of stuff that I op shop for!