Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The more it blows, tiddley-pom

Here, the wind still blows, tiddley-pom. We have (so far) managed to avoid power blackouts but the gusts seem to be picking up again outside. The gum tree branch above was in motion when this photo was taken (I promise), though I am not sure I've quite captured that. At least the otherwise bleak sky shows signs of promise...

But, time to retreat with a book, perhaps? - check out my book review at Lesen Lesen -


Stardust said...

You wrote a book? Excellent!

Feronia said...

Hi Stardust,
Nice to see you here at the Yellow Wood! I reviewed a book at that link and it's a good one to retreat indoors with in windy weather! How's the weather in Japan at the moment?