Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday night cardmaking

Something about Thursday nights...I made three new cards last night while plonked in front of the telly on a diet of "Inspector Rex", "True Beauty" (you know you're watching it too) and Louis Theroux. I know. Too much tv. But if you're being productive at the same time, it's ok. Right?
Anyway. Again, we're Japanese themed but this time the other part of Japanese culture I loved so much while I was there - pop culture. All the little characters and cartoon figures. Hello Kitty. Little baubles with faces and big eyes hanging off the ends of mobile phones. Loved it just as much as the ancient culture which is also much in evidence there. Just for different reasons.
So, what I did was simply cut out some shapes of Japanese paper (is it Yuzen?) and slap on (it's a technical term) some Momiji stickers. Oh, and up top is a snap from Ueno at night, where we stayed in Tokyo.

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