Friday, July 26, 2013

Soup for the body and soul

I have been really unwell this week, having had a bad reaction to some medication I'm on right now (or was on). It's been totally unexpected and, frankly, pretty bloody horrible. I am very gradually feeling better and it's really only yesterday and today that I've felt I could eat with anything approaching enjoyment (or with a view to keeping it down). But what to eat? It's always a big decision as to what you should start putting back into your body after it's had a lot taken out of it.

Nice, wholesome bready carbs have appealed, as have fresh fruit and vegetables. But bread, fruit and veg just as I imagine them in my mind's (tummy's) eye! Just as I want it. That's when my father's soup swam into my mind. Dad has been making soup for as long as I can remember and it is just so warm and thick and vegetably and good. I put in an order over the phone for some yesterday afternoon (ahem!) and this morning, lo and behold, Dad arrived with a jar of the good stuff, half of which I polished off with joy this lunchtime just passed.

So good.

A bite of home.


librarygirl said...

That made me cry a little bit!
You are lucky to have a lovely dad.
Hope you are feeling better now?

Feronia said...

Thanks librarygirl :) I am very gradually feeling a little better each day xx

Bodecea said...

Dear Feronia, so sorry you felt so bad... hope you are well again.


Feronia said...

Thanks Bodecea :) Slowly getting better...
Feronia x

Sefarina said...

Good to hear you're feeling better! I hope you're alright?

This soup looks so lovely, btw. My father can't boil water XD

Feronia said...

Thanks Sefarina :) I'll answer you email soon...sorry for the delay :(

Actually, Dad loves to cook - he also does an excellent roast lamb with vegetables!

Feathers said...

get well soon, dear and how caring and lovely your dad is, you are blessed :)

Feronia said...

Thank you for your sweet words, Feathers :) Yes, I am :)