Friday, November 27, 2009

The rule of threes...

A little bit of Q&A fun to round off the week...

Three jobs I have had in my life:

1. Selling tickets at an historic jail (I hasten to add the jail no longer had any inmates)

2. Teaching German history

3. Typing classified advertisements for a newspaper

Three favourite drinks:

1. Milk coffee

2. Really cold orange juice (with the orangey bits still in it)

3. Gin, soda water and elderflower cordial

Three TV shows I watch:

1. Mad Men (didn't know that, did you?)

2. Ghost Whisperer

3. Kommissar Rex

Three places I have been:

1. Vietnam

2. France

3. England

People who email me regularly:

1. My DH

2. My dear friend, Bodecea

3. Another dear friend, KB

Three favourite foods:

1. Chocolate - preferably a Mars Bar but I am not fussy :)

2. Light rye toast with peanut butter

3. Good, crunchy apples

Three things I am looking forward to:

1. Travelling next year

2. Renovating our house over the summer

3. Working out the next bit of the puzzle

Want to play along?


Wurst Semmel said...

Interesting....OK, I'll play, is that what you mean? If not, apologies.

Three jobs I have had in my life:

1. Selling shoes on the Kings Road, Chelsea when it was a very trendy place to be (got to make it sound glamorous somehow)
2. Praktikantin in a contracts office in a German telecoms company
3. Psychologist

Three favourite drinks:

1. Mocchachino
2. Water
3. Tea, tea and more tea

Three shows I watch:

1. Kommissar Rex
2. Who do you think you are
3. The Amazing Race

Three places I have been:

1. Fuerteventura
2. Vienna
3. Crete

People who email me regularly:

1. My sister
2. My Finnish friend
3. My brother

Three favourite foods:

1. Suchard Milka
2. Chocolate almond brownies
3. Noodles, veggies and tofu in satay sauce

Three things I am looking forward to:

1. Next trip home (UK) with lengthy side trip to Vienna
2. Finishing my study
3. Sitting on the couch with a good novel

Feronia said...

Thank you, WS...selling shoes on the Kings Road - that would have been quite a thing to do. Did you have any famous customers? It was the place to be seen for the Sloane Rangers, wasn't it? And where is Fuerteventura?

Wurst Semmel said...

Fuerteventura is in the Canaries....Kings Road, 80s (giving my age away) moment was selling a pair of shoes to Eric Idle...lots of posy new romantics...sigh...still stuck in that error (minus the puffy shirt!) ;)

Feronia said...

Just about the time I was going through my obsession with all things English 12,000kms away and wishing I was there with all the posey New Romantics! I bought a 'best of the 80s' CD the other day and relived some happy times...Haircut 100...Bucks Fizz...Haysie Fantazee...oh dear...

Health Psych said...

Era not error. This 80s babe obviously needs to wear glasses these days! :)

Haircut 100. I admit to having their album on CASSETTE. Oi.

Feronia said...

I have some of their songs on 7" singles...!