Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random 5

(5.) Raffles Hotel, Singapore, photo courtesy of

(5.) Shibuya, Tokyo, photo courtesy of me

(5.) The Black Forest, photo courtesy of

(4.) Photo courtesy of

(3.) The Mad Men girls, photo courtesy of

(2.) Photo courtesy of

(1.) The living room at 1164 Morning Glory Circle, photo courtesy of

(1.) I would be very happy if my living room looked like this (the living room from Bewitched) or (2.) This.
(3.) I am developing a real penchant for clothes like this. Especially the full skirts. But how to wear them without looking like (a) a lunatic (b) I am in costume? The problem may be solved by the fact that my waist will never be small enough for the vintage dresses which always seem to be for sale on Etsy and the fact that I cannot sew (that well).
(4.) Gin, soda water and elderflower cordial is a very nice summer drink. And before you start to wonder where I'm going with that...chilled orange juice is also delicious :)
(5.) I need a holiday! Here beckons (as always), as does here (ditto) and also here.
How about you? What's your 'Random 5' this week?


Pina said...

I've got too much work this week, but I will think about my random 5 over the weekend, and maybe post it next week. I hope that my giveaway package will be on its way to you next week, too. :)

Bodecea said...

What are the rules for the random 5?

Feronia said...

Thanks Pina. Looking forward to receiving my package :)

No rules, really, Bodecea. Just five random things you're thinking about or enjoying at the moment - or even five things that are annoying you!

Stardust said...

Now this is so cute! Random 5 is fun!

About number 3, I'm often tempted to dress beyond the social measure, but of course, that will never happen!

Stardust said...

By the way, I'm loving your new header. ;)

Feronia said...

Thanks Stardust! I photographed those flowers while I was in Minnesota. I know exactly what you mean about 'different' dressing - I want to do it, but I rarely do!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

hehhee...Is that cat steelin sumthing owt ov that bag in the larst foto?? :@D

I like yor new avatar pic!

btw, Daddy brort yor parsel to Mummy today an it reelly mayde her happy! I hav got my beedy eye on thoze gummy Bears tho! Mummy sez she will rite soon!


Feronia said...

Hey there Bob! I wondered what that cat was doing too...maybe looking for Samantha Stevens' purse...I'm glad Mummy liked the parsel - I reckon she might give you a gummy bear or two...