Monday, June 18, 2012


We are in the depths of winter here at the moment but I was delighted to see yesterday, when I had a little potter around the back garden, that everything is still there, hibernating, just waiting for spring. There were worms and beetles everywhere under pots, just resting in the moist earth, and these two little snails -  a mother and child I'm thinking - all snuggled up in a leaf. Everything is always still there, you just can't always see it.


Max said...

I've never seen a cute snail before! I've been reading about diapause a lot recently, it fascinates me how linked hibernation is to day length and sunrise and sunsets and the implications for humans x

Helena said...

Oh that's so cute!

I was thinking of you the other day, when I realised that our longest day is just a few days away... I instantly felt sad that the days will then grown gradually get shorter.... then I thought, ah, but they will be getting longer for Feronia! That made it seem not so bad :)

Feronia said...

@ Max -

Sounds interesting, Max. I don't think hibernation would be such a bad thing for humans. There's always so much emphasis on keeping going regardless of the weather etc.

@ Helena -

Thanks Helena :) Yes, Winter Solstice today and it has been a cold and wet winter so far...but now, the light begins to return, as it always does :))