Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bright Spots on Dull Days

The weather here at the moment is very, very dreary. There has been quite a lot of rain and it is becoming very cold in the evenings as well as during the day until about lunchtime. Things seem very special today because we have actually seen the sun. It is, I suppose, winter and rain is a wonderful thing in these parts prone to drought but all together - the cold, the rain and the grey skies - it makes for a fair bit of blah.

Being of a naturally melancholic nature, I have thus been working doubly hard to keep calm and carry on (as they say) and one of my latest treats is to search out beautiful vintage jewellery on Etsy. Obviously, I have no plans (or means) to actually buy these baubles but just to look at their sheer beauty is enough to feed my need for bright spots on dull days.

Which one is your favourite?

Edwardian ring for sale at

Edwardian ring for sale at

Edwardian ring for sale at

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Pina said...

I don't wear any jewlery, and in fact it would be hard to decide which one is the most beautiful. Because all are beautiful in their own way.

Feronia said...

Aren't they! I would struggle to pick one too. Hope all's well with you, Pina :)

Bodecea said...

Nice rings! But I like most very simple jewlery - like my wedding ring or an amulett or stone on a leather band...

Against winter depression - go out, go for a walk every day, no matter if it rains! This helps.


Feronia said...

I haven't see your wedding ring yet, Bodecea. Is it a band or does it have a stone in it?

Yes, we're walking every day which is definitely doing me good!

Bodecea said...

It looks like this one (but is no longer such shiny):

Nichole said...

the edwardian ring! such opulence!

also, i love how you are describing your weather, which is actual winter. it is exactly like that here in the pacific northwest of the united states, and it's supposed to be summer!

Sefarina said...

I love (lovelovelovelove!) pearl. Still I'd choose the first one to wear. But truth is I don't wear rings, not for long anyway.

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

Looks nice!

@ Nichole -

Isn't it the most wonderful opulence - makes me think of Downton Abbey. Hope you get some proper summer weather soon!

@ Sefarina -

I love pearls too. Apparently they're making a big comeback fashion-wise.