Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Five for 2013

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Well, this really is a random list in the truest sense of the word - my random five of things I'm loving in these first couple of days of 2013. First up, craft, craft and more craft. This year, I am really going to put some effort into improving my skills in the craft department. Buoyed with some confidence after mastering purl stitch, I've now decided I want to make a blanket composed of knitted squares, each one a different stitch. Moss stitch is first cab off the rank because I love it. I was given a voucher for a gorgeous local wool shop (Sunspun - so I think a yarn purchasing trip may be in order...

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In a similar vein, I am loving doing some embroidery and really want to polish my skills there too. I can sew but at the moment I tend to be a little slipshod. My needle-handy grandma would not have approved. I loved watching the work done recently by the Royal School of Needlework on The Manor Reborn. Feeling quite inspired.

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After watching The Mystery of Edwin Drood last night, I am in love with Charles Dickens all over again and I'm prepared to tackle his books afresh this year. I have a talking book of Bleak House on order at the local library to keep me company while I stitch...

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I had certainly heard of the Moomins but I didn't know much about them beyond that. I read Moominland Midwinter over Christmas and absolutely adored it. I am now halfway through Moominpappa at Sea. So beautiful. They're children's books on one level, but there are all sorts of other levels at work too. They remind me very much of the Winnie-the-Pooh books or The Little Prince.

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And I am back in love with all things Japanese, especially things Japanese of the Kawaii ('cute') variety. I have always loved anything with a face, especially when something improbable is given a face - like a tomato! And so I am stockpiling Japanese craft books - so much wonderful kawaii embroidery! I am thinking another visit to Japan may be on the cards...cherry blossom season would be lovely.

So what's your random five this week? 


Sefarina said...

Hey, ich habe ein Stöckchen für dich. ^^
Schau doch mal vorbei ob du es mitnehmen magst.

Feronia said...

Sefarina - sorry but my poor German has failed me! A stick...?