Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Interesting times

Some challenging times are afoot at the moment, with serious illness in my family. I am literally taking each day at a time, and working hard to stay calm and positive.

I have all sorts of things to tempt me in the evenings - I am really enjoying reading Persuasion, I am cross-stitching a very sweet little folk design, long-stitching a pretty alpine scene and I have finally found my cure-all knitting book The Knitting Problem-Solver (by Tish Lilie) because I want to have a proper stab at moss stitch.
Having watched a great documentary on the Amish last week, my sweet husband has been suggesting we switch off the telly in the evenings. It would be the perfect chance to get some of these things done. But I find by nightfall I am tired and have only the energy to watch tv and silly tv at that (Snog, Marry, Avoid anyone?) It gives me a welcome opportunity to put my brain in neutral and be distracted by the passing parade for awhile.

Ah, well. I think it's important to follow what you feel you should do, what feels right for you. Sometimes even in the smallest of ways, we need to nurture ourselves just a little and take some time out.

Lately I have also rediscovered my love of Blur, who I haven't given much thought (or an ear) to since I got into the whole Britpop thing in the mid-90s. I adore this song ("The Universal"), and its sentiment. It seems about right, right now.

Blogger doesn't seem to want to embed it, so here's a link -

Wishing you happy days, friends.


Bodecea said...

Hope everythings will be fine again soon! And why not watch a bit TV? I do it , too, in the evening to "come down" when I am too tired to read.


Feronia said...

Thanks Bodecea :) Yes, we need some downtime now and then.

librarygirl said...

I adore Persuasion and Pene Durston put me on to snog, marry....I can hardly understand some of those girls when they open their mouths!!
Thinking of you and your ill person, been there, awful xx

Feronia said...

Thanks librarygirl :)

The way they dress is on the whole just unbelieveable and the fake tan...! But yes, some of those UK accents. Oh my!