Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I am reading Untangling my Chopsticks by Victoria Abbott Riccardi at the moment and really enjoying it. She went to Kyoto in the 80s to learn a specific style of cooking associated with the tea ceremony. We were in Japan in 2008 and I just loved it. So beautiful - especially Kyoto.
So I am keenly interested once more in all things Japanese. We are hoping to get back to Japan later this year on a mini-break (it's only about 10 hours from Australia) and this time I want to go prepared! I doubt very much that I would ever become fluent, but I have just bought Japanese for Busy People at the thrift shop, so perhaps one or two phrases might eventually embed in the brain cells! I also found a Japanese cookbook so if I master anything out of that, I'll show you. Has anyone else been to Japan?
I have to say Blogger is being a bit naughty loading photos at the moment. Or perhaps it is my computer? Is anyone else having problems?
On the David Attenborough documentary Life, there is footage of the Yemeni island archipelago in the Arabian Sea - Socotra. So beautiful! Apparently much of the flora and fauna there is found nowhere else on Earth. And one island is not inhabited at all. I loved the Dragon's Blood trees which reminded me so much of the Baobabs in The Little Prince. Has anyone else heard of Socotra? Or, better yet, been there?

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