Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meditating on meditation

I have always had an interest in meditation but I have never been very good at it. Perhaps I am missing the point? You're not supposed to 'be good' at meditation, are you? It's about the journey. What I mean is, I have never found a great sense of calm or peace in it. Now, more than ever, I would like to find that sense. I think it would be lovely to have a 'quiet place' to go to every day. Does anyone else meditate and if so, do you have a favourite practice?


Pina said...

I don't. You made me smile with this post, because I was always wondering the same. Probably my meditation is walking and talking to myself... :)

Feronia said...

Yes, walking is a good one. Especially if it's in nature somewhere and not just on the concrete streets!

Sefarina said...

Meditation ist nichts für mich, zumindest nicht ds, was man unter Meditation allgemein versteht.

Ich koche gerne in meiner wunderschönen kleinen Küche, schneide Gemüse, erhitze duftende Gewürze und füge alles zu einer leckeren Mahlzeit zusammen. Das macht mir Freude und einen klaren Kopf, und das Aufessen ist dann meine persönliche Erleuchtung ;-)

Feronia said...

Gute Idee. Ich finde das Gleiche, wenn ich Kuchen backen!

Burcado Ajad said...

Dear Feronia,

nice to meet you. Last weeks, I wrote some short stories - and the Goddess of Mother Earth mostly appears.


The place of meditation ...

Yeah. Since the beginning nineties, it became a neediness for me, to have a place to meditate. Me and the place are creating a kind of a buddhafield. Day by day, the energy gets stronger. It's a place for tarot, laughter, dance und meditation. I can learn to be respectful with this place; and it's also to take care for my inner child.

Nobody has the right to disturb the beautiness of this place. You can experience by yourself and you can see, if it is good for you or not, corresponding to your inner rhythm.


Meditation. We can do everything with love, devotion, awareness und surrender. Technics to meditate can help us, do reach the state of meditation. And the place to be in meditation or to learn to be in meditation, too.

Meditation means to me: Connected with the SPIRIT, connected with my and the eternal LOVE.

Thanks for your Welcome.

Love & light
Burcado Ajad

Bodecea said...

Meditation as a form of "sitting still until the knees are hurting and think nothing"? No, I don't do it & and I believe this is not really the point at meditation, even not at those done by Zen monks (where it looks like that).

I don't believe for myself that it is necessary or wise for me to "think nothing". But it is good to be able to concentrate and have a look at your thoughts from another point of view.

I found Tai Chi and Yoga good as some kind of meditation, course you (should) concentrate on what you just do and give the babbling about future and past in your head a rest.


Diana Kennedy said...

I'm also not doing Mediation in the classic understanding if it. But perhaps one can interpret my "spirit journeys" to JFK and other places / people as a form of meditation. Since this fulfills me plainly I have no urge to try out other forms.

Feronia said...

@ Burcado -
Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your very interesting message! I really like your description of your "meditation place" - it sounds beautiful :)

@ Bodecea -

Yes, being in the moment is a good way to meditate.

@ Diana -

Yes, I think meditation must be something that is symbolic and significant to you as individual - otherwise it has no meaning.

Feronia said...

@ Burcado -

PS Your short stories sound interesting - are you published anywhere?

Burcado Ajad said...

Dear Feronia,

I posted the Goddess in a short story called SECRET PLACE on

And the other one is SEA OF JOY. It is on

All short stories, which I want to publish, are part of my blogging work. But now, I changed the way of publishing. In the last weeks, when managing the book, I deleted most of the stories on SATJAM and BURCADOS.

Love & Light
Burcado Ajad

Feronia said...

Great - thanks Burcado - I'll read those with interest :)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

If yu just think ov it as daydreemin an then just get cumfterbol yu can do it ok. It's ownly cos yu giv it a big werd nayme that maykes it differcult. Try thinking abowt bees ferst. That allways leeds to deep thorts, I find. Think abowt them humming an mayking hunny. An can they TAYSTE the hunny, or do they just mayke it cos it's good for them? I always wonder that.

Feronia said...

I've often wondered that too, Bob! Do bees like honey...? Good thoughts on meditation, too. Daydreaming. I like that :)