Monday, September 6, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays

Lots of natural activity at the moment. All sorts of things popping up in the garden - and almost all self-sown. The yellowy-cream flowers are cowslips, I think, and they were originally planted by my grandmother many, many years ago. I love to see them come up every year - they are a beautiful, organic aide-de-memoire that my grandmother made her mark here and that she is still here.
Wild skies too. One minute refreshingly blue and then the grey clouds crowd back in. Lots of wind and rain and considerable areas of the country are in flood. It bodes well for summer, though, and the potential fire risk if water storage is up and the ground is saturated. The great cycle rolls on.
I am trying to The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas at the moment in an effort to read more and to read widely in order to hopefully assist my own writing. It has won a number of awards and although I can see that it is certainly a good story (and I guess that is what it's all about), on the whole I am finding it very depressing, bleak and ugly reading. So much misogyny. What are you reading at the moment?


Pina said...

The other day I read The tenderness of wolves once again, in my opinion a wonderful book (well, I like it and this doesn't mean that others like it too; kind of melancholic reading...). And yesterday I finished reading a book I write about in my post today.

Feronia said...

I haven't heard of The Tenderness of Wolves. I'll have a look for it :)