Monday, March 14, 2011

To Japan, with love

The thriving streets of Tokyo, by night and day

Beautiful deer at Nara, close enough to touch

Votive trees at one of the main temples in Kyoto


The Emperor's Teahouse, Tokyo

A lake full of water lillies, Ueno Park, Tokyo

These are some images from our trip to Japan in 2008. As I have mentioned before I fell in love with the place. Such busily alive cities, dotted with quiet spots of incredible beauty and spirituality. An amazing, unique country.

My heart goes out to Japan in the midst of this terrible, terrible tragedy. I hope that they can begin the recovery process soon and never lose that incredible, individual spirit.


Bodecea said...

Let's hope! It is on TV here all the day, too.

Diana Kennedy said...

Since ever I had much sympatjy for this beautiful country with its beautiful culture. This tragedy is just horrible. Let's hope that the very worst case will not happen.

Feronia said...

@ Bodecea -

Yes, hope is all I feel I can offer right now. I wish I could do more!

@ Diana -

Yes, I hope the nuclear plants are made safe soon.

Snows said...

People from Japan are so admirable, they're so calm. I hope everything it gets better soon!

Feronia said...

@ Snows -

Aren't they calm! I think it's incredible. They just quietly queue. I hate to think what it would be like here if something like that happened.