Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We are having a lot of rain at the moment - on Monday night, all of April's average rain fall fell in one night. But I am enjoying it. It coats everything in a lovely moist freshness.

And I am getting quite a kick watching the daily antics of a band of magpies who have populated our yard of late. There was thirty of them late yesterday afternoon! I'm learning lots about them too from a beautiful old copy of the bird bible in Australia, What Bird Is That?, which I picked up for...dare I say it...a song at the local op-shop. Along with the Gould League's Birds of Victoria: Urban Areas and Frances Pitt's lovely Meet us in the Garden, I am heartened after having read awful stories like this one in the newspaper -

When are we going to get over this idea that animals are somehow lesser than us? That they are more acceptable as a target for pointless violence?


Bodecea said...

Poor swans :-(

Feronia said...

A *horrible* story :( I don't know how people do things like that.

Merisi said...

Thirty magpies! :-)

I am so saddened by that horrible murder of a black swan. How senseless, how cruel, how vile!

Feronia said...

Yes, I wonder what motivates people - especially young people - to do such a horrible thing.