Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Sun in a Bottle

I am in a nostalgic mood today (as is sometimes my wont) and I've just found a clip (one of many, actually) of the British TV series Catweazle. Do you remember it? This first episode is really quite lovely. If you like part 1 (below), do watch part 2 to find out what "The Sun in a Bottle" is. Enjoy!


Melissa @ Hilltop Hausfrau said...

This is plain fabulous! Magical, mystical, vintage orchestral soundtrack! This one is new to me but be sure that I'll be looking it up inbetween stitching projects!

I've been so enamoured by Downton Abbey that I've forgotten there are other goodies ;)

Feronia said...

Thanks for stopping by, Melissa! Yes, Catweasel is such fun :) I have a DVD set of Downton Abbey to watch...can't wait :)