Monday, February 6, 2012

Ginger tree, very pretty, and the ginger flower is sweet...

My mother dropped by for lunch today and she brought with her a piece of ginger plant for me. At least, we think it's ginger plant. We don't really know! It looks so tropical and more than a little triffidy. And its aroma! I don't know if I like it exactly but it's very distinctive. Sort of like the scent of a lily. No shrinking violet, this one. This flower makes a statement!


librarygirl said...

I think it's a ginger lily!

feronia said...

Aaaah...that makes sense. Thanks librarygirl :)

Stardust said...

Oh dear, and it smells sweet, I'm in love with this ginger lily!

It's been some time since i last dropped by and this flora post revives me. Aww.. I can't wait for Spring to come!

Hope all's well with you and hoping to catch up at your place more often. Thank you for dropping by for all these busy months, it was really nice hearing from you.

Bodecea said...


I have a little ginger plant here, grown from a peace of ginger from th supermarket. But is looks more like, hm, some kind of grass.


Feronia said...

@ Stardust -

Hello! Lovely to hear from you :) Hope your wrists are healing well and that all is good with that gorgeous little boy of yours!

@ Bodecea -

Yes, I'm thinking ginger plant and ginger lily are two very different things.