Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am up to my eyes in period dramas on tv at the moment - thoroughly enjoying the new seasons of Inspector George Gently, Call the Midwife and Mad Men.

Last week's Inspector George Gently had a distinctly folky tinge - to my delight - with the female lead, Ebony Buckle, also proving to be a lovely singer. I had never heard this song before - "Matty Groves" - but there are lots of great versions of it on You Tube - Sandy Dennis, for one, and also Alela Diane & Alina Hardin. Ebony Buckle also performed the lovely "Silver Dagger", made famous by the great Joan Baez. Great finds for me this week, accompanying me as I've been doing a bit of stitching.

What's caught your eye on the telly lately? Discovered any good music?

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David Johnson said...

I am hooked on this young lady's voice !