Monday, April 29, 2013

Good things in Autumn 2

I don't know if I'm the only one who does this but sometimes I buy spices that I have no idea how I'll use, but they just look or sound interesting. So it was with cardamom last week. Like its many predecessors, it was almost doomed to languish in the kitchen cupboard for all eternity. Until I had a hankering to bake now that the weather is a little chillier, and I recalled that cardamom cake is very popular in Scandinavian cooking. I found this recipe online - - and it turned out quite well. One tip, be sure to grind up your cardamom pods very fine. Mine were a little large but they certainly gave the cake a good flavour hit.


Sefarina said...

Cardamom is great!

Just don't overuse it, because it can kill every other aroma ;-)

I love to use it for cooled lemonade (lime juice, brown sugar and cardamom powder in water) and just a little pinch of it with cinnamon in coffee.

Feronia said...

Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming! Love the sounds of those other suggestions too, Sefarina! Yum :)