Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stitchoodling or Dooditching

Cornelia Paczka-Wagner, Woman Embroidering

I have lately taken very much to stitching. I can’t profess any great skill so far, any major (or even minor) projects completed or any preference for one style over another but I am really just enjoying the process of admiring and being inspired by the vast array of beautiful work by others available to see online and trying my hand at various bits and pieces—the stitching equivalent of doodling, I think.

Yesterday I had a great find at the op-shop—several pieces of old linen with pre-printed patterns to embroider. Sort of like colouring-in for grown-ups! These will be nice pieces to play with. I have tried a few tiny pieces of freehand stitching and I think I still have need of lines and structure while I get my stitches a bit neater!

A corner of one of my found goodies ~

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