Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Granny Chic

I am assuming that by now you've worked out that I kinda like all things vintage. And I've reached an age where I'm thinking 'Damn it, I like it. I'm going to wear it.' A lot of people probably reached that age before me, but what can I say - I'm a late bloomer. But some caution is still necessary. Because as much as I adore vintage, there is always the danger of looking like your grandma unless you are very careful and bear in mind that it is not actually 1940 (or 1930 or 1830 or whatever your chosen era may be).

I know 'Granny Chic' is a thing and for girls of a younger age and slighter build than myself, it can look kind of cute and quirky. Loveably eccentric. A little bit Annie Hall, maybe even a little bit French. But for me? Hmmm. As much as I do like kilts, tweed and floral dresses (and I do), how you wear vintage can make a lot of difference!

So it is that I began to think last week, 'I would love a 1940s-ish handbag'. But then I started to think about those handbags. You can't put them on your shoulder, they have those bitey little clasps and they look like they should be full of peppermint sweets and pictures of grandchildren. So I consulted the excellent blog for inspiration. And then, oh yes...a satchel. Of course! Cute, practical and with a little bit more...well, you know. After then conferring with Mr Google, a 'Cambridge' satchel seemed to be the go, but the prices (in British pounds!) left me recoiling in horror. Until I found this little treasure on Ebay for under $20. Happy days.

Vintage with a little bit more cute and a little bit less mothball. How do you wear vintage?


Bodecea said...

I wear little vintage as far as you know - maybe (some very orange) shirts which belonged to my father from, I guess, the 70ties are counting? ;-)

Feronia said...

The 70s definitely count, Bodecea! So nice that you wear something that belonged to your father too :)

trishie said...

That satchel is gorgeous! Did you get it? I love the vintage look on others but I don't think I know how to really style it well unfortunately.

Feronia said...

Yes, I did, Trishie. It's worked out really well.