Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Keeping the home fire burning

Image from oddknits.com

Hello! I'm so sorry for my absence these last few weeks. I've missed being here. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and I truly wish you every good thing for this new year that is spreading out invitingly before us.

Here in the Yellow Wood, I have had a quiet time, taking it slowly and as calmly as I can, while the sand shifts beneath our feet.

The comforting and familiar has had my firm and grateful attention...I have been cooking some good and simple dishes from the wonderful CWA's (Country Women's Association) Family Meals. Kedgeree, quiche and orange cake. So very good!

Knitting has me preoccupied again...will I ever graduate beyond garter stitch? I sometimes think I have the knack of another stitch and then it skitters away again (laughing a little at me, I think)...!

I am reading and falling in love with Elsie J. Oxenham's Abbey Girls series. Wonderful! They are like book length conversations with Call the Midwife's Chummy!

So, what's been keeping you busy?

~ Feronia x


librarygirl said...

Hope everything settles down lovely xxx
Holidays are keeping me occupied, lots of little projects!

Feronia said...

Thanks librarygirl xxx Enjoy your hols!

Bodecea said...

Hi Feronia, I am busy with work and using spring-like winterdays for long walks. Guess I shpould loose some pounds again, so I try to train a bit harder until the work is so much again I have no time for it.... Bodecea

Ajdin the Bosnian Bear said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog!
Have a great day. :)

- Ajdin the Bosnian bear

Feronia said...

You have some lovely places to walk near you, Bodecea :) Enjoy!

Feronia said...

Thanks Ajdin :) So glad you stopped by the Yellow Wood!

Sefarina said...

I hope you had a peaceful time between the years.

I've been going through my stuff lately, getting rid of everything I don't need. That's a long process and I'm still at it. But it feels good. ^^

Feronia said...

Thanks Sefarina. That's something I need to do too. I don't know how we've ended up with so much *stuff* over the years!!