Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chocolate and sentimentality

A food stylist I am not but this I think gives you a good sense all the same of how I spent part of my Saturday afternoon. I have recently been on an increasingly zealous mission to de-clutter our very small house and in doing so I have found many things which I had forgotten I had or even that I owned in the first place. One such find was a dauntingly large pile of recipes—single pages pulled out of newspapers and magazines—in some cases ten-plus years old. They are joined by pages my mother pulled out thirty-plus years ago and also, pages kept by my grandmother from fifty-plus years ago. This is the difficulty with de-cluttering, for me at least: the clash between a desire for calm, order and neatness and a strong sentimentality. A topic for another day, perhaps. This, however, is cranberry and pistachio white chocolate, as selected from said pile and as originally created by Donna Hay. Her picture, I should add, is much prettier.

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