Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1985 called and they want their cardigan back

In one of my rare acknowledgements of current fashions, I thought, while strolling through a local shopping centre last weekend, that I might buy one of the new "boyfriend cardigans" for myself. They're a good length, look comfortable but are still reasonably "with it" (I have potentially betrayed the punchline of this blog with the use of that very middle-aged phrase). Upon closer inspection, I realised I already had a very similar garment lurking in my wardrobe at home. It had been there for some time in fact. Since 1985 to be precise, when they were first in fashion.


Bodecea said...

Everything comes back! My henna-red hair was "up to date" several times since I was a teenager.

Hope said...

So, Bodecea, the trick is perhaps just to remain constant while everything changes around you? Or, perhaps, to just remain true to yourself, who you are and how you look? I like it...!