Friday, February 13, 2009


The spiritual views which I subscribe to primarily implore a love of nature. But nature is making itself very hard to love at the moment. The countryside is burnt black, people are dead, homes are destroyed, the relief of good, heavy, soaking rain just won’t come and even on our own little urban patch, the garden is alternatively a sickly yellow, a burnt brown or a bleached-out white. The sun has left its angry imprint everywhere. Many spiritual belief systems reverence nature but this has a flip-side which many adherents today fail or choose not to observe. Nature, as much as it can calm and nurture, can also be furious and destructive. Against its might, we can ultimately present little resistance. And its might, when roused by decades of various forms of environmental abuse, is mighty indeed.


Bodecea said...

Hi Hope,

I understand your thoughts well. Some "Fluffy-Bunny"-witches for example seem to think nature is only butterflies and flowers and little kitten and some tiny elves...

I have read something intersting in a book about South-American shamans. For them, the jungle with all its dangers was full of evil spirits which have to be controlled. This was true for people in our regions in former decades, too - and it is still so, we only forget so soon (especially when living in nice well-tempered European woods).

Nature is death and wild animals and vulcanos and all the stuff that is nothing more than dangerous or deadly to us little humans.


Hope said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Bodecea. I think this is part of a broader issue too - and this is again something for many belief systems - that not only the light but also the dark must be embraced, understood and acknowledged.