Monday, March 9, 2009

From Russia with love and a lot of mayonnaise

On Saturday, my fellow traveller in the Yellow Wood and I had a Russian themed dinner for just us two. Although the fotos I took of it made it look quite disturbingly disgusting (hence the lack of them above!), it was in fact quite excellent. We had Beef Stroganoff (prepared by my delightful and culinary husband), potato salad and egg with caviar (both prepared by me). The caviar came from Sweden so it left rather a dire ecological footprint, I fear, but we had to have some genuine Europeaness to such a Eurocentric meal! I love all things Russian (well, almost all. Perhaps leave out Stalin and the Gulags); I collect Babushka dolls and would love to learn the language but I stuggle enough learning German which at least uses the Roman alphabet. Cyrillic and I therefore seem unlikely to meld successfully.

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Pina said...

I read a wonderful book about Sakhalin some time ago.
When you learn Russian, you will be able to understand a few Slovenian words as well. And Cyrillic isn't so very difficult (we had it in school), you just need loooots of practice. :)