Monday, March 9, 2009

Lost is the word

Did anyone (other than me) watch Lost in Austen last night? Lost was indeed the word. It lost its way and it lost me. The premise behind it is terrific - I am always one for time travel/escapism type stories - but with its crass and unengaging lead character it became more like a period drama crossed with Big Brother. And then, of course, it dragged out the classic chesnut: weren't people in the 'olden days' stupid, repressed and unenlightened; aren't we wonderful now in this emancipated age etc., etc. Certainly some valuable points were made, such as how our 'heroine' reacts to Jane Bennett essentially being offered up to the vile Mr Collins for the good of the family, but on the whole I was left with the sentiment of 'Well, if this is modern womanhood...'

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