Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Quilt

I have been bitten by the quilting bug. Having been an avid reader of a number of lovely crafting blogs for the last couple of years, I have been aware of the deliciousness of quilts for some time. I have bought books on quilting. I even bought a sewing machine with a view to making my own quilts. And this was quite a step for someone with a long-standing fear of sewing, following sewing classes at school led by a teacher who tore in half ill-stitched garments. But nothing happened. Sure, quilts were lovely but I was struggling to get my sewing machine to work and my old fears returned – I couldn’t sew! And I certainly couldn’t sew to the beautiful, beautiful standards of the lovely Jane at Yarnstorm

But then, yesterday, I found a second hand quilt at an opportunity shop (charity shop, thrift store). Intact, clean and so pretty. I held it up to inspect it. Someone made this. Pieced together all of the asian fan shapes which made up the design. Made something soft, comforting and instantly welcoming with their own hands. I was hooked. The photo I took of it (and which I cannot currently upload for some reason) doesn’t do it justice. It was taken with my mobile phone because my digital camera is dead but it captures perhaps just a little of its charm, which is perhaps also just as much as I have of it right now too. I have much to learn, but at last I feel truly ready to give quilting a try. And so now, the sew-o-phobe begins her mission…


Bodecea said...

You should come to know Distelfiege, who loves quilting (and more) and writes a blog in English:

Hyperlinks - mark the work you want to use as a hyperlink and klick at the hyperlink-symbol in your dashboard (world with chain). There you can type in (or copy & paste) the link.


Hope said...

Thanks for directing me to Distelfiege's blog, Bodecea. It's really terrific and inspiring! Thanks too for the tips on hyperlinks.
Hope :)