Monday, May 18, 2009


Who watched Eurovision? Go on, admit it. Eurovision has this slightly shameful, pathetic image (at least around these parts) and this year I very nearly bought into that, despite having watched and enjoyed it in previous years. Pah!, I said cynically, Eurovision. Load of commercialised rot, sub-standard music, ridiculous costumes etc., etc. And the two nights of semi-finals screened on tv here seemed to confirm that. But the finals were really something else. The winning song from Norway, "Fairytale", is just great ( A wonderful pop song, in the truest sense of the term, but a great Eurovision song too in that it did have that bit of dagginess, that bit of sentimentalism (folk violin!) and so, that bit of heart. And it's got a bit of Abba too, and a bit of "Those Were the Days" for those who remember back that far, so really a very good song in a couple of respects. Another terrific one in my view was the entry from Portugal, "Todas As Ruas Do Amor" ( Gentle, folksy, little bit of the Sundays. Lovely. Hooray for a bit of the daggy! Douze pointe!!


Bodecea said...

But the German song was so dull... only interesting part was Dita.

Feronia said...

I thought the German entry was ok - at least they tried a different musical style other than dance music! But yes, Dita definitely helped.