Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello from Feronia

Some of you may have noticed that I have had an ID change since last you checked in here in the Yellow Wood. I am now going by the Nom du Net of Feronia and I'll tell you why. Feronia, I have very recently discovered, was an Ancient Etruscan goddess of travelers and freedom and this seems very appropriate to me right now. So there you are, all is explained. Well, all on that small matter anyway.

On another note, I have also very recently discovered the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. A bit shameful, I know, for someone who claims to have a major in English Lit but there it is. And hey, he wasn't English! (yes, I know that doesn't get me off the hook) But, anyway, I have been doing some research for a chapter I'm writing on Neofolk music (and that will be another story for another day) and Mr Poe has oft been cited. So, like a good researcher, I duly checked him out, and for deliciously gothic imagery and beautiful, alliterative language, look no further, my friends. I especially recommend "Annabel Lee".

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