Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I know it's not fashionable but...

Of late - and perhaps it is simply a matter of getting older - I have been increasingly unconcerned by what is fashionable. This is not to say that I have reached an age at which I don't care what I look like (does anyone really ever reach that age?), rather I am feeling more certain of what I like, less concerned about where that fits into the big scheme of popular culture and more content with how I look - in fact, who I am - in general.

One thing I do like which is definitely not fashionable is folk costume. I know, but hear me out. First, I should point out, I don't like folk costume for any peculiar or off-colour nationalistic reasons. Given my studies (see the pic in yesterday's post to give you a clue), I am more than well aware of what a disastrous and ugly path that is. No. I like folk costume for the intricate and original patterns formed in the embroidery, the careful hand-stitching which holds it all together and the eye for detail with which the garment has obviously been made. It wasn't something that popped off a production line. Someone made it. It has a history. It symbolises something of its environment, its culture. It means something. It's not disposable. It's like my love of travel, by looking at an item of folk costume, you can enjoy something that is different to who you are and what surrounds you. You'll see what I mean when you have a look at the Norwegian jacket above.

What do you like (or even love!) that's not fashionable?


Bodecea said...

I like this jacket!

I think Trachten are not very "right-winged" here in this area; we have many music groups wearing them, doing (more or less) traditional music (from Volksmusik via Jazz to Beatles...)... for example this one:

Even I have a small social phobia, I do not care much about what I wear and what people think about it. I always say: If I am not forced to wear "business outfit", flared trousers, Batik stuff, Doc Martens or Sneakers and strange shirts grow on me by themselves. Sometimes they are in, sometimes they are out, like my red hair.


Feronia said...

I found the Norwegian jacket in an op-shop. I haven't worn it yet...last time I wore my Austrian jacket, I got some weird reactions, so I just admire my little folk collection sitting on coathangers for now...thanks for the link, Bodecea, they look great!

Wurst Semmel said...

The jacket is great. I think not caring about fashion anymore is a big indicator of being comfortable in your own skin (or maybe I console myself with that thought when I look at my wardrobe!)