Friday, July 17, 2009

Musing with the Muse

I was joined by the creative muse last night. It doesn't happen every day and it certainly doesn't always happen when I want it to! So, I capitalised on it while it was there. While watching Ghost Whisperer and eating dinner, I managed to make seven cards which I am really quite pleased with. At least, I think my cards are definitely on the improve! You'll notice too that they are - ahem - themed. The top one, obviously, is Japanese-style, the middle section, floral and the last group, nature.
Incidentally, the little friend leaning rather despondently on the card up top is a wooden key ring I bought at the markets at Asakusa in Tokyo. She's too big to be a key ring but really too little to do much else! What I especially love is that she can only be bought at Asakusa. In true Japanese style, souvenirs are made not just with the name of the place you've visited on them, but in a style specific to that place. Love that eye for detail. If you're ever in Tokyo, you've got to go to Asakusa (


Helena said...

Wonderful! I had a creative splurge too! Must be the date or something! LOL! I love the ones with the birds best, I think, though I do like that Japanese paper :)

Feronia said...

Isn't it strange how sometimes the creative bug just bites? Thanks for your thoughts on the cards, Helena :)