Friday, July 10, 2009

Nice things in the post!

I have been getting some very nice things in the mail lately! I've recently done a card-swap with my dear blogging friend Helena in the UK. Our theme was seasons. You can see my efforts at Helena's lovely site But above you can see Helena's gorgeous cards, which are just so beautiful. I am a novice to both card-making and photography so I hope my photos have captured just how wonderful these cards are. And so inspiring! They have really given me something to work towards. Thank you Helena! These made my day!


Pina said...

I love yours and Helena's, especially because I know that I am not able to create something this beautiful. Especially not at the moment.

Feronia said...

You have created some beautiful crafty things in the past, Pina, and you will again!

Bodecea said...


this is a kind of creativity I cannot do at all... small puzzly things, have to be exact, and glue - no way ;-).