Friday, October 30, 2009

Strange days indeed

We are having some very weird weather here at present. 28 degrees celsius and pouring with rain. Very tropical for this part of the world. The summer roses are in bloom and speckled with rain...but perhaps this mismatched picture and the peculiar conditions in general suit my own slightly discordant mood this week!


Pina said...

So you can easily imagine how it is very often on this part of the world during the summer... ;)

Feronia said... was so humid when we were in Austria in the summer and in Germany too, actually.

Bodecea said...

Hope you feel better!


Feronia said...

Thanks Bodecea...I'm getting there! :)

Stardust said...

Oops, get better!

Wurst Semmel said...

Odd weather indeed and not at all to my liking!

Wurst Semmel said...

PS Gute Besserung. Take two Wurstsemmel and lie down with Gedeon Burkhard (and Rex, of course).

Feronia said...

To Stardust:

Thank you!

To Wurst Semmel:

Excellent advice but perhaps not what my Fellow Traveller would order (or appreciate)!!