Monday, October 5, 2009




Out amongst the flowers with the buzzin' bees

Does it get any better?


jessicaleighlalou said...

I love this post! The pancake looks delicious.. makes me want to make them for breakfast tomorrow..yumm. :)

Feronia said...

They are *really* good pancakes - my husband makes them almost every Sunday!

Helena said...

OOOO Hildegard of Bingen!!! I read about her a few years ago, got a tape of some nuns singing her chants. Really modern sounding, they are.

Love the yellow. Made me smile.

Feronia said...

I love her chants too - I've been listening to the CD and reading the book simultaneously - very atmospheric!

Bodecea said...

There is a new German film about Hildegard:

Great woman! Feel a bit near to her because we have maybe the same kind of migraine.

Feronia said...

Ooh, that movie looks great - thanks Bodecea! I wonder if it will make it to our screens? Do you think you'll go to see it?