Friday, November 5, 2010

Endings and Beginnings

The week has ended quite well, with me making tentative moves to take off in another direction academically. I have moved largely out of the academic sphere, officially speaking - that is, I'm not teaching anymore - but I am still keen on writing and researching so it's been wonderful to come across a new topic and make solid moves towards working on it. My previous research interests I've been working on for ten years or more, so it's quite lovely to start afresh. And that's how it feels - fresh - everything else was getting pretty stale! It's been a pretty tumultous couple of years for me professionally and personally for me, so it would be good to think some of it was sorting itself out.

The weather is so nice at the moment too - just warm enough (without being hot) and with gentle breezes wofting through. All in all, not a bad note on which to end the week!

What have you been up to this week?

PS Just had to post the above clip - perfect for anyone who's self employed!


Diana Kennedy said...

But isn't it also kind of an odd feeling to leave a subject you have been researching and working on for ten years? I had sort of a mixed feeling, when I turned away from the WW1 stuff I did for 20 years to go for Kennedy. But it is very true also, it is exciting to start something fresh and new.

Feronia said...

It is an odd feeling, yes. I don't think I'll ever leave my original subject completely behind - it still interests me - but this is perhaps a topic more concurrent with who I am as an individual rather than a solely academic study. What work did you do on WW1?

Diana Kennedy said...

I did comic stories about a french and a german soldier who fell in love with eachother during the battle of Verdun.
Yes you are right, the old subject never leaves for good. I am still attached to the WW1 soldiers.

Feronia said...

Wow - that sounds really interesting. Makes me think in *some* ways of the Wilfred Owen poem "Strange Meeting".