Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's a Bug's Life

A Daddy Long Legs as pictured at www.findaspider.org.au

I have to admit that I have a long and bloody history stretching behind me of killing bugs. I have always HATED creepy-crawlies. But lately I have tried to be a little more mellow, a little more philosophical if you will about the whole bug situation. They are living beings too, and who am I to rain down death and destruction upon them? This time of year tests my newly tolerant approach, however, with everything it seems hatching from its egg and making a b-line for our house.

I am feeling especially kindly disposed towards Daddy Long Legs. There are a number of them who have taken up residence inside and I've found that I actually quite enjoy watching them tread carefully along, meditatively testing out their next step with one leg, deciding it is too wet/dry/dusty to fully stand on and so reversing their steps and trying out another spot. And then, when it gets too difficult to put the best of one of their eight legs forward, spindling down to their desired location on a delicate strand of web.

My benevolence still stops short of ants and really nasty looking spiders though. There is a medium sized deep black variety of spider which regularly makes its way into the house in the warmer months. I killed one last night just as it was hovering over my shoulder while I read on the couch and then I found another poised on the doorstep! And ants....well. It's the sheer numbers that get to me there. Neither makes my skin creep quite like being walked on by ants!


Helena said...

I like daddy long legs. They're not spiders. But they do eat other spiders. Hurray!!!!

Thank you for your card and presents :) they arrived on my birthday- perfect! You really made me smile today!


Feronia said...

Do they? Another reason to love them!

I am so glad the pressies arrived on time!! Hope you are having a beautiful birthday, Helena! :)

Diana Kennedy said...

They're certainly one of the less dfisgusting bugs. I am a mass-murder too, when it comes to creepy crawlies.

Bodecea said...

Hi Feronia,

thank you for the letter (I think I have to wait some days until open it...? ;-)).

I like spiders. Really. I like that they eat flies and stuff. I like the smaller ones your pictures shows - "Weberknechte" they are called here. But I like the big fat black ones too which could ran so fast!

But except from spiders, I don't like to have insects in my rooms. Or mice. The dirt and the smell! Iiiiek!


Feronia said...

@ Diana -
Nice to have a bit of company in my crime! :)

@ Bodecea -
So glad it's arrived safely!

Ah yes...mice. I love them in the abstract - that is, mice in the fields, talking cartoon mice - but in the roof or in a cupboard? Yeuck!

Sefarina said...

I am even more evil, I let kill. Most Insects just get thrown out the window - duh.
But some I can't catch without hurting them, so I let my husband do the bad job...

Feronia said...

@ Sefarina -

But my husband won't kill things! He just says "Oh, he won't bite you!" I had to kill another spider this morning. They seem to be everywhere at the moment. I hate it when they try and run away...I feel like such a murderer!

Sefarina said...

Mine always laughs at me, too. But he still comes running when I scream...

Feronia said...

That's the main thing! :)