Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a Bug's Life 2

{This clip doesn't seem to want to load, so check out -}

It is this sort of organisation that makes me realise two things - (1) I am very wise to be scared of ants and (2) It is pointless to be scared of ants, because they are obviously smarter and more organised than me anyway :)

Summer at last seems to be on its way - 26 degrees today, 29 tomorrow and 32 on Friday. We turned the overhead fan on in the living room for the first time this year last night. I always have mixed emotions about this time of year - for every delightful 25 degree day, there is a 45 degree one waiting for me in February. But for now, it's November and it's pleasantly warm.


Pina said...

I could easily switch with you. :) Though, it is still pleasantly warm here, so I can't complain yet. Weird, having 15 degrees at this time of a year...

Feronia said...

The weather does seem to be a little odd at the moment, doesn't it? Though it's lovely and mild here today :)