Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is a beautiful depiction of the craziness that is social networking. I say this having lately started to get very into Facebook. I won't be tweeting, though. 'I just had breakfast'. 'I am watching telly'. Who cares??? Is anyone else on Facebook or Twitter? What do you think of it? Seriously, I do find FB rather fun - so long as it is kept within certain boundaries. I can see how it invites all sorts of pitfalls for young people though, with cyberbullying and so on, as we were discussing a few weeks ago.

PS Please take a moment to pat Kumiho, my virtual pet. He won't bite!

PPS If you are at all interested in all things vampiric, I have started a new blog at Would love to know what you think :)


Pina said...

Love your new blog! :)

Sefarina said...

I'm still trying not to go to facebook, but maybe some day the social pressure will make me...

Feronia said...

@ Pina -
Thank you! :)

@ Sefarina -
I thought the same until quite recently!! :)

Diana Kennedy said...

I am at Facebook, mostly due to said social pressure. I don't like it really (tough it was nice to share November 22 with a group of JFK-worshippers...) Still, I can't get warm with the platform. I am now mostly using it, because my aunt is there and it's her preferred way of getting in touch and communicate.

As for twitter - it used to be funny in the beginning; but now I am just tired of tweets like "Okay, I'll get some food"..."just wet on the toilett" and so on.

distelfliege said...

I never wanted to join FB, but there are friends who I'm losing regular contact with because I have no FB account. Ok, we talk to each other on the phone now, but still, I'd like to have a place to meet online.. so I think I'll have to open a FB account in the near future.

Feronia said...

@ Diana -

I wonder sometimes if Twitter especially is not our way of claiming our "15 minutes of fame" - i.e. noting down every aspect of our lives for posterity.

@ Distelfliege -

FB catches up with all of us!