Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get on your dancing shoes!

I have been pretty much nose-to-the-grindstone lately, writing some short stories (with a hopeful view to publication!) and immersing myself in a completely new field of research which I hope to start writing on next year. For roughly ten years I focussed on one particular subject area while I worked in academia but now, out of academia but still wanting to research and write, I have gone in another direction altogether. It's fun but a lot of work!

My reason for telling you all this is to primarily explain why there's not been a lot of action here in the Yellow Wood. To make up for this, I give you two gems of 80s music (!) - The Blow Monkeys "It doesn't have to be this way" and Aztec Camera's "All I need is everything". I loved these bands way back when and I even won The Blow Monkeys album in a radio competition. And I had more than a passing fancy for both Dr Robert (TBM lead singer) and Roddy Frame (AC lead singer). Ooh...that floppy fringe!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I never herd ov them but I do enjoy a good boogy on down!! Good luk wiv all yor stuff. It sownds all important an grown up. We sent yu a card but it mite be late. Sorry bowt that. Hope yu get it ok enyway.

Feronia said...

A good boogie is good for the soul, Bob. And sounding grown up is all a complete ruse! I sent you guys a card too...hope it gets there soon :)