Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nature's Beauty

I feel so sad for my friend Helena today over at Creating A Likeness (http://sketchandcolour.blogspot.com/) She has just lost her dear feline friend of many years, Fluffy. Heart hugs to you and Fluffy, Helena.

I have never had a lot of pets - I had a couple of fish and birds when I was growing up - but I love animals, especially cats. There is a cat who lives next door to us here, I've mentioned him before. He has been wandering through our garden regularly for some months but he has been very reticent about being touched in any way. In fact he would dart away if you approached him.

I have been leaving little treats out for him - some cat food, some kibble, fresh water, milk - and slowly he has begun to trust us. The last couple of days he has allowed me to pet him and scratch him between his ears and it has just been lovely to be permitted to do that. For him to essentially say 'Ok, I trust you to come into my personal space'. Now he will present himself for a tummy scratch without even the promise of food!

I am worried about him, though. He is thin and he has fleas but no flea collar. Do you know of any way I could surreptitiously treat him for fleas - which are obviously causing him distress - without his owners taking umbrage?

The cat is Nature's beauty -
French proverb.


Pina said...

Ask in a pet shop, we have treated our cat with some fluid drops against fleas. Though I think all such things are rather poisonous (just few drops for half a year...?), collars included.

Feronia said...

Thanks Pina :)

Bodecea said...

We use such drops, too; they last for a few month. There are one against fleas, picks and other insects and one against worms.

Feronia said...

Ok, thanks Bodecea. I'll see what I can find for the poor little guy.

Diana Kennedy said...

Yes, these drops are effective, but must be renewed every month. And they aren't cheap. but they are far more effective than anti-flea collars