Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little bit of crafting

I have been much inspired of late by a wonderful blog from New Zealand, Tiny Happy
( So much so that I have returned to trying my hand at a bit of crafting. I've made a couple of felt brooches (love felt) and some little notebooks I am calling 'memory books' - just to stick in little bits and pieces like photos, ticket stubs, pressed flowers and so on. It's been fun - I haven't done anything like this for awhile. If you're interested, I will also be posting these bits and pieces in my Etsy shop -


Helena said...

Lovely to see you crafting!!! I have been pootling too and must get things photographed and posted.... busy with FLuffy now though... I think this is her last few days. I may have to do the deed on Monday. I am so sad and crying for her, poor thing. Poor sweetie girl.

Feronia said...

Helena, my heart goes out to you at this really sad, sad time. Thinking of you x