Monday, January 31, 2011


The cat next door has officially adopted us and has taken up camp in the driveway, under the cool of the carport. I am calling her by turns Piewacket and Catskills and no doubt confusing the hell out of her (given that she probably also has another name altogether)

We are being besieged by mosquitoes at the moment but this torch filled with citronella allows us to sit outside without being bitten within an inch of our lives (though I am still bitten a little). Plus this gives me the opportunity to fiddle with the camera and take cool 'flame' photos!


Bodecea said...


Feronia said...

Isn't she a sweetie!

Diana Kennedy said...

Such a beautiful, frail Kitty. Did I understand it right? Its your cat now?
Yes, Citronella candles can protext a buit from these little flying bastards that take a lot of joy out of summer.

Feronia said...

She is frail, isn't she. She's not ours unfortunately - she belongs to our neighbours but she spends alot of time in our yard.

Exactly right - mosquitoes really take the fun out of sitting outside in summer.