Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thrifting happiness

You know how some days you have just a really great thrift store day? Well, today was one of those days.

Some beads for my jewellery making.

A great kitsch tea towel which I am going to make into a cushion cover (and put in the shop).

A vintage magazine rack.

A gorgeous 1950s tea cosy (probably put this in the shop too).

A vintage doll in Norwegian (?) folk costume - again, one for the shop.

A very collectable and so sweet 1950s Ladybird book.

Embroidered serviettes (also shop-bound).

Happy days!


Pina said...

I have to say that you like very unusual things. :)

Feronia said...

It's true!

Bodecea said...

You really should visit some flee markets in Germany and send some containers full of stuff home!

I have to confess I do not share your love for 50ties items... remembers me to much how it really looked like where when I was a kid in the 70ties ;-).

(But we have a typical 50ties table in our kitchen which looks like this one: )

Feronia said...

I will definitely do that, Bodecea. Where do you think the best markets are? I am still kicking myself about things I didn't buy at the Naschmarkt in Wien in '02!

For some reason that link didn't work...weirdly, I do love the vintage stuff because it reminds me of childhood!

librarygirl said...

Great haul Feronia!

Feronia said...

Thanks Library Girl! I am *very* pleased with it!

Bodecea said...

Hi Feronia,

just copy & past the links if they do not! :-)

Best place for markets would be Berlin, I think. Dunno where & when there are the best ones in this town... some links:

Every Sunday:

Every Saturday and Sunday:

Every Sunday:

And manymanymany more... just google "Flohmarkt Berlin" !


Feronia said...

Yay! Thanks Bodecea :) Wish I could teleport myself to one of them this weekend!!