Friday, January 7, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

You know you're nearly at the end of the decorating road when you start putting things back up on the walls. I bought this poster last week and when it arrived I thought "That's way too big!" but now that it's up, I really like it. The red and white goes with the kitchen and the wartime history of the message goes with the house as a whole. Apparently the slogan was devised in Britain in 1939 as a civilian morale booster but it was never used. It boosts my morale - I think its message is a wonderful notion. In this snap, taken in the mid-afternoon with the blinds down, it looks rather World War Two-ish, with the tiles and the lighting, like it was taken in an underground Tube station. Maybe?

The crafting resolution is starting to slowly come into effect. Having some fun with felt today (sounds like a book - Having some fun with felt...), with a hopeful view to some new goodies for my Etsy shop.

And fiddling about with some lovely beads too. Now I just have to actually make something rather than just fiddling!
It's 35 degrees here today so I think the quiet pursuits of felting and beading might be just the ticket. Are any of your new year resoultions happening yet?


Bodecea said...

"Keep calm and carry on" - VERY funny - guess what poster hangs on the wall of my study room right behind my chair...?

Your secret twin in Germany ;-)

Feronia said...

Hee-hee! I always knew we were twins!
Feronia :)