Monday, May 9, 2011

Little Miss Update

Apologies once again for the silence in the Yellow Wood. On top of the computer woes and the book editing conundrums, we are preparing for our big trip North (way North) and it has proved to be very, very time consuming indeed. Not that I can complain about being absorbed by the details of holiday-making! We are both looking forward to it and really in need of a break.


It's Roger Hargreaves birthday today - yes, he of the Mr Men. Did you read them as a child? Messers Messy, Bump, Small and Tickle were my favourites. Who were yours?


I have really been enjoying knitting of late, especially now that the winter is very firmly setting in (even though it is only mid-May). I think we are struggling up to about 13 degrees today. Our house in double-brick too, which makes things extra chilly. But it does make working with wool extra fun. I have AT LAST taught myself an easy way to cast-on as well as how to purl stitch, basket stitch and moss stitch (well, sort of, on that last one). Now I think I am even ready for a...project. Distel Fliege kindly suggested a shawl which looks lovely and which I will absolutely try but does any one else have any thoughts on a beginner's knitting project? My main problem at the moment is that I am not allowed to take knitting needles on the plane :(


For on-the-plane-easily-distracting books, I am taking Ian Rankin (yay Rebus!) and Charlaine Harris (yay Sookie!). I am not a good flyer so anything that requires a lot of concentration is a waste of time. Any other suggestions?


As you may know, I have a couple of shops over at Etsy but I am not exactly about to retire on my earnings from them. What do you think is a good way to sell vintage goods (clothes, knick-knacks etc.)? This has been consuming a fair bit of thought for me lately...


And finally, I am tired of negativity! On Facebook recently (I know, I know, I've been sucked into it too), someone opined that they hated the royal family. I really try to avoid using the word 'hate'. It is such a strong expression of negative emotion, and often pointlessly so. I was amused to see someone replied that they "hated haters". I come from a long line of judgemental people, so I try to leave this sort of negativity out of the equation if I can. Ok, off soap-box now. What do you think?


librarygirl said...

Yay for holidays. Yay for holidays ON PLANES! I'm a beginner knitter too and have now knitted two of the same pattern beanie, from Patons learn to knit book 1249.
If you want me to scan you the pattern and send, just shoot me an email x

No opinion on facebook - I don't play over there!

Feronia said...

Thanks librarygirl - I'll email you. And you are very wise to avoid FB!