Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nostalgia time!

I love music. It can alter my mood in an instant. And I have pretty eclectic tastes too - what I'm listening to really has to match my mood in that moment and so, different things appeal at different times. And I have always loved music. I can remember getting my first LP (that dates me nicely!) at age 4 - it was Abba and I was a major fan. I even had Abba socks and like a lot of girls around the world at that time I'm sure, I wanted to have straight blonde hair just like Agnetha. A big ask for a kid with curly dark hair! But one of the first music clips I remember seeing on tv is this one by Andy Gibb. It wasn't exactly this one - I remember the 'official' clip in which he was riding a bicycle - but this song still brings back strong memories of the the 70s for me, and takes me straight back to that moment. How about you? What's the first song you remember?


Wurst Semmel said...

When I was really, really young, my thing was Donny Osmond. I had the Donny caps, huge saucer-size button badges and my sister and I used to sit on the brick wall outside our home and mime Puppy Love.

All I can say, having posted that, is that I'm glad my id is anonymous.

These days I seem to be stuck in the 80s and any of my 80s tracks on my ipod brings instant good feelings and, what's worse, I have absolutely no shame in this regard.

Feronia said...

No need to be ashamed, WS...I have recently re-discovered some of my
80s favourites on MySpace and it has been great to listen to their stuff again.

Pina said...

I can't remember my first song but I grew up listening to Abba and The Beatles.
Oh yes, and Agnetha's hair! I had the same wish!

Bodecea said...

*g* - the first song (not counting children songs) I remeber was YMCA. I was about three yeras old, and it was a party or concert of my older brother (high-school end of him, university stuff, big-band concert???).

But I haven't understood the text, of course.

Feronia said...

But did you do the accompanying 'YMCA' dance, Bodecea?! LOL!