Monday, May 2, 2011

On Being Human

Sorry for having been a little silent here in the Woods of late. I have been trying to get my thesis off to the publishers (still) by the requested deadline and we have also been in the throes of planning a fairly big holiday so there's been all manner of little detaily things to do! Added to all that, my computer died.


Did you watch the Royal Wedding? There are of course plenty of naysayers out there but I for one enjoyed it, being a bit of lover of pomp and circumstance, but also simply being glad to see people happy! Goodness knows we see enough in the news about human misery - why not a bit of human joy now and then? Every time a royal event comes up, we argue about the republican issue here in Australia, but taking the wedding on face value, I saw it as a pretty warm and heartfelt affair really, and Kate and William do appear to be a bit more compatible than WIlliam's parents did at their wedding all those years ago. But who knows? We can't of course have any real idea of this - and, indeed, why should we, it's none of our business - and I do seem to recall everyone talking about "the stuff of fairytales" back in 1981. All we can say at this point is, I guess, best of luck!


I have been so enjoying the third season of Being Human - I've loved it from the start - and so I was pleased to find this little snippet of the show's sweetly melancholy theme tune.


Bodecea said...

Haven't watched it - we had guests here and I am not so interested in royals :-)

Feronia said...

Fair enough! It was a bit hard to avoid watching it here!!

Diana Kennedy said...

I didn't watch it either Aknowledging the event and hoping for best luck was enough for me. But glad, you enjoyed it.

Feronia said...

Maybe it wasn't as widely watched in Europe??